Unlocking Crypto Convenience: Alchemy Pay's Crypto Card Innovation

Unlocking Crypto Convenience: Alchemy Pay's Crypto Card Innovation

10th Jan, 2024

A Gateway to Seamless Crypto Transactions

In the bustling city of Hong Kong, a new chapter in crypto convenience is unfolding. Alchemy Pay, a Singapore-based crypto payment gateway, has introduced a groundbreaking feature for its crypto card, enhancing the transaction experience for users. The announcement brings a wave of excitement to crypto enthusiasts in Hong Kong.

The Power of New Bank Identification Numbers (BINs)

In a recent release, Alchemy Pay reveals the addition of new Bank Identification Numbers (BINs) for its crypto card, specifically designed for users in Hong Kong. These BINs, marked by the distinctive first six digits "515783," open the door to seamless transactions across various merchant sites and apps. From Aliexpress to Netflix, Twitter to Facebook, and the Apple Store, users can now navigate the crypto landscape effortlessly.

The crypto card's BIN number serves as a catalyst for versatility, enabling merchants to accept multiple forms of payment and ensuring faster transaction processing. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in enhancing security measures by aiding banks in detecting potential fraudulent or stolen cards, effectively preventing identity theft.

Empowering Users through Integration

Alchemy Pay takes user empowerment a step further by allowing users to apply this innovative crypto card through its mini app, Crypto Card, available on the Binance Marketplace. This integration expands accessibility, providing users with a seamless experience in managing their crypto assets.

Alchemy Pay's Regulatory Milestone: Applying for VASP License

Beyond revolutionizing crypto transactions, Alchemy Pay is navigating the regulatory landscape in Hong Kong. The crypto payment platform is in the process of applying for a Money Service Operator (MSO) license and Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP). Partnering with ZD Group, Alchemy Pay shares essential licenses granted by Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), solidifying its commitment to conducting financial investment activities in the region.

To further engage the local community, Alchemy Pay conducted a cryptocurrency public service announcement campaign during the Web3 Blockchain Week in Hong Kong earlier this year. The campaign encouraged locals to explore their crypto assets through popular payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

In a strategic move, Alchemy Pay has also integrated with major exchanges like OKX and Bitget, offering Hong Kong users a secure platform to trade using Alchemy Pay's ramp services.


As Alchemy Pay continues to innovate and navigate regulatory landscapes, the introduction of new BINs for its crypto card stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of crypto transactions. Hong Kong users find themselves at the forefront of this crypto revolution, unlocking unprecedented convenience and security in their digital financial journeys. The story of Alchemy Pay's crypto card is a compelling chapter in the broader narrative of crypto integration into mainstream financial ecosystems.


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