Crypto World Awaits: The Countdown to ETF Approval

Crypto World Awaits: The Countdown to ETF Approval

10th Jan, 2024

Excitement is brewing in the crypto community as they eagerly await the approval of a spot bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Senior ETF analyst, Eric Balchunas, sets the stage for this unfolding drama, declaring it's "all systems go" on what he dubs as "ETF Approval Day."

The Cointucky Derby Unveiled

Balchunas adds a touch of humor to the anticipation, referring to the fierce competition among spot bitcoin ETF contenders as the "Cointucky Derby." In a recent post, he highlights that making it to the starting gate is only half the battle for ETF issuers in this crypto derby, emphasizing the mad scramble behind the scenes to finalize crucial agreements.

The crypto world experienced a momentary frenzy as the SEC Chair, Gary Gensler, had to address a hacking scandal involving a fraudulent post indicating the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs. Gensler faced backlash and calls for accountability, with Senators urging him to provide insights into the incident.

The Road to Redemption: Balchunas' Advice

Amidst the chaos, Balchunas steps in with advice for Gensler. On the social media platform X, he recommends a press conference where Gensler can acknowledge the hack, admit the mistake, outline the steps taken to rectify the situation, and, in a surprising turn, announce the approval of ETFs. Balchunas wraps it up with a confident "Done and done."

Following this advice, Balchunas shares a positive update – several spot bitcoin ETF applicants had their "requests for acceleration" approved by CBOE. This marks a potential final step before the Cointucky Derby officially kicks off.


As the crypto community holds its breath, the countdown to ETF approval adds a pivotal chapter to the history of digital assets. The Cointucky Derby, filled with suspense and unexpected turns, promises to be a defining moment for ETF issuers and crypto enthusiasts alike. The anticipation builds as the stage is set for a new era in the intersection of traditional finance and the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. 


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