Crypto Windfall: The Tale of a $1.8 Million Solana Score

Crypto Windfall: The Tale of a $1.8 Million Solana Score

12th Jan, 2024

The Crypto Masterstroke Unveiled

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, a tale of extraordinary profit has emerged. A savvy operator, known as 2Fast, orchestrated a masterstroke, turning a $70,000 investment into a staggering $1.9 million in a mere 20 seconds. This captivating story revolves around a calculated move in the crypto space, where a unique strategy and a trader's mistake converged to create a financial windfall.

The Birth of a Crypto Fortune

The protagonist, 2Fast, harnessed the power of MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) arbitrage, seizing a golden opportunity within the Solana (SOL) blockchain. With an initial investment of 703 SOL, valued at $70,000, the daring move transformed into a colossal 19,035 SOL, equivalent to $1.9 million. Notably, 890 SOL was generously tipped to Figment, a prominent network validator, adding a touch of altruism to the narrative.

This extraordinary feat unfolded through a meticulously executed MEV strategy, targeting the meme coin, dogwifhat (WIF). The trader's costly mistake, a near $9 million blunder in acquiring WIF, set the stage for 2Fast's masterstroke. Exploiting the price fluctuations triggered by the trader's error, 2Fast and other astute bots engaged in back-running, a specialized MEV strategy capitalizing on temporary market anomalies.


As the protagonist, 2Fast, reaps the rewards of a well-executed strategy, Solana continues to ascend in the crypto realm. Surpassing Ethereum in stablecoin trading volume and NFT trade volume, Solana showcases its growing popularity. The symbiotic relationship between traders and validators, facilitated by the allocation of MEV tips to Jito client-running validators, adds a unique layer to Solana's success story.

This tale of a $1.8 million Solana score exemplifies the intricate dance of strategy, opportunity, and innovation in the  crypto landscape.


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