Colombian President Gets Bitcoin Gift

Colombian President Gets Bitcoin Gift

1st Dec, 2023

In a notable move, the President of Colombia has received a Bitcoin gift from Samson Mow, a key figure in the Bitcoin community. The gift, containing 100,000 satoshis (around $39), signifies the President's openness to digital currency.

What's the Big Deal?

This isn't just about having Bitcoin; it represents the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency in Colombia's economic plans. Other leaders, like El Salvador's Nayib Bukele, are already using Bitcoin in their countries.

Bitcoin's Performance

Looking at Bitcoin's recent performance, things seem positive. The price has been going up consistently, showing a strong trend. Key levels to watch are around $35,000 (support) and $40,000 (resistance). Breaking the $40,000 level could lead to more gains, potentially reaching $45,000.

What the Charts Say

The recent candlesticks on the charts show a bullish pattern, indicating strong support from buyers. Moving averages, another indicator, support the positive trend. This suggests that Bitcoin is in good shape for potential future gains.


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